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I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude to [Kulbir Rahi] for your exceptional representation over the past two years during my divorce proceedings.

Navigating such a challenging and emotionally taxing situation would have been significantly more daunting without your unwavering support and principled guidance. Your commitment to upholding the highest moral and ethical standards, especially in the face of an opposing side devoid of such values, has been a source of immense comfort and strength for me.

Additionally, I am incredibly thankful for your astute decision in selecting Simon. His expertise and strategic approach made a significant difference in the outcome of the case and I am deeply appreciative. Thank you, once again, for your integrity, professionalism, and unwavering support throughout this journey. Your dedication to securing a fair outcome has made all the difference.

Mr . Gupta

I just wanted to thank you [Kulbir Rahi] for all for your help and support during this difficult period and I am so relieved to finally conclude matters.


Thanks so much [Kulbir Rahi] for all your efforts to achieve this, I could not have done it without you. You have been brilliant!

Wendy Little

I would like to thank you [Kulbir Rahi] and the Ascot team for your integrity, support and sound advice. While you were professional at all times I always felt you were very approachable.


"Thank you so much [Kulbir Rahi] for always being a calm voice of reason in the storm of emotions, fear, self-doubt and guilt."


"In terms of feedback, I can’t really fault the support you [Kulbir Rahi] have provided me over the past couple of years, and in particular, your responsiveness at key times has been appreciated. I’ve been very happy with the advice given and I think your recent support in coming to a sensible settlement has been perfect. Your drafting has been excellent, and I have been very happy with the way we have worked between us to get the message across I wanted to throughout."


I would like to thank you [Anna Ferro] very much for all your hard work and persistence with my case. You have been immensely helpful in navigating a highly acrimonious divorce with an ex-husband who is determined to be as obstructive as possible!


I would like to thank you [Anna Ferro] for your services and I appreciate all the work you have done for me…. I'm sure you can understand what a huge relief this is for me and I honestly couldn't have achieved it without your help. Ms B


Thank you again [Anna Ferro] for all your help, you don’t know how supportive you’ve been and the strength I’ve drawn from you is irreplaceable.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally [Kulbir Rahi] for all the advice and support offered by yourself over the last two years. You have made a challenging and at times very draining situation easier to deal with and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Joanna Fahy

When seeking a capable and knowledgeable family lawyer to handle my complex case, I was recommended Kulbir Rahi. Mrs Rahi was referred by a barrister who had worked with her and found her to be highly experienced and understanding.

From the off, Kulbir Rahi understood the urgency of my matter. She knew that I was coming to her already 2 years into legal proceedings, but got to grips with the complex history and had years of legal knowledge of family law to assist me. Kulbir took the weight off my shoulders, applied her in depth knowledge of family law to protect the children and me following an abusive marriage. It was a relief to find someone who had the confidence and care to deal with me and my case in a sensitive manner.

My case concluded successfully for the children and myself in 2020. I am deeply grateful for the legal advice and support of Kulbir Rahi. From my personal experience, I have seen the high calibre of staff recruited by K J Smith.

Mrs S

Excellent facilities and ambience. Meetings were comprehensive and clear – good communications. Progress was good despite Covid 19 causing disruption and delay. Overall a most satisfactory service and we would certainly return if we have any need in the future.


There are no words to describe how lovely you have been to us [Karen Harvey], you have been totally amazing and we can’t thank you enough!

Thank you for all your hard work, the times when you have spoken to us, your advice to us, your messages in the evening, your wise words... honestly the list goes on!!

We would advise anyone to go and see you if they’re struggling with anything they need legal representation with.

Mike Annett

Finally this has come to an end. This has been a very traumatic time for everyone involved and I am delighted it has ended. I would like to thank you both for your work on this. I will now open the champagne!!


That’s an amazing update and puts my mind at ease, so thank you so much Eleanor for this email and for all your help throughout the process, I would have been lost without your guidance.


I am so grateful for all the support and guidance you [Eleanor Towsey] have given me during this process and for the compassion and understanding you have shown not only with divorce but also with the on-going health issues with my father. It was wonderful to see you on the news at the start of the month, I was with my new partner at the time and said that's my solicitor! I continue to recommend you to any friends who are in need of legal assistance regarding family law due to my experience with you.

Helen M

As you are aware the recent months have been challenging for me and I am very grateful for your calm, considered and thoughtful advice throughout. Whilst the end of the marriage is sad I feel a sense of peace now and I want to thank you [Kulbir Rahi] for helping me with that.

Mrs B

Thank you very much, Kulbir, for taking the time to discuss my situation today. The information supplied was very helpful and it was a pleasant conversation which will help me a great deal.


Throughout my dealings with Robyn I have found her to be approachable, friendly and professional. I like that I feel listened to and have confidence in the advice she gives me.

Jane Tennison

From the first meeting, Robyn exerted warmth and understanding. Her kindness, clarity of explanation and patient understanding of my emotional state encouraged me to ask her to represent me in my divorce proceedings. As the process has progressed, she has always listened to my concerns and intuition regarding my husband's plans.

This meant she was able to take measures to protect me and bring about some action to the proceedings. Indeed, our decision has proved the right one as, otherwise, I would be in an even more difficult position and further away from any conclusion.

She has been vigilant in her updates and recognised when I needed a phone call rather than an email, to reassure, explain and offer a pastoral care. I trust her implicitly and would recommend her to anyone requiring a family law solicitor

Debbie Bird

I believe Kulbir to be a highly skilled solicitor who always acts in an extremely professional manner. I had full confidence in Mrs Kulbir Rahi’s representations... thank you kindly.

Marta Bajer

Robyn Karimaghaee took over my case part-way through court proceedings. Robyn is absolutely incredible on all levels and she got up to speed with my case very quickly. Robyn is emotionally committed, down-to-earth and professional and has fought my case with integrity and supported me with compassion at every step. Robyn has been extremely thorough, and I have every faith in her ability and passion to see my case through to the happy ending we are working towards.

Genevieve Powell

When Covid-19 started I was very worried that I would need to pause my divorce but Eleanor [Towsey] reassured me that we could continue moving forward. Eleanor not only gave me legal advice but also links to websites for domestic abuse and also went a step further by providing me with her personal number if I needed to call her at any point

Susan F

I really am not quite sure how I stumbled upon your firm, but I am so glad I did, as I was really able to understand you [Kulbir Rahi] and gather information to help me to make the right decision for me moving forward. I look for the positive in life and yesterday was so helpful and thank you.


I came to Kulbir Rahi upon recommendation in March 2019, to help me and my children in a complicated family case. I needed a compassionate yet experienced solicitor to advocate for me and finally let the courts hear the voices of myself and my children regarding contact. Kulbir was that advocate. She represented me for over a year, always professional and fully committed to achieving a positive outcome, with the children's best interests always at heart. When Kulbir Rahi moved to legal firm K J Smith in September 2019 I stayed with her due to her integrity, and strong moral compass. K J Smith offered a supportive service, and clearly attract a high calibre of solicitors.

Ms Stephenson

Kulbir Rahi brought clarity and direction to what had, before her involvement, become an onerous and unwieldy situation. She was able to grasp the nuances of our case with alacrity, and quickly outlined the salient points and actions necessary for me to move forward with assurance. Mrs Rahi has great legal knowledge and a professional but kind manner. Meeting with her made all the difference to me when the going had gotten very tough and I am grateful.

Mrs K H

I have felt supported and empowered to make decisions and life changes that I felt unable to do alone without the guidance and legal advice from you [Edward Morton & Avril Trickey]. You have made a very stressful time much easier for me and my children and I am very grateful.


Thank you so much for everything [Robyn Karimaghaee]. Obviously we will speak again, but just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and being there every step of the way.

Joe Edwards

I am very happy with the level of service, professionalism and helpfulness from the staff members that dealt with my case

Mrs P, Basingstoke

K J Smith Solicitors were the only solicitors (out of four) that gave me any optimism when first approached. This was a very welcome relief after having received a very bleak outlook from the other companies… thank you again [Karen Harvey] for your warmth and kindness


The whole process from start to finish was very well explained and our meetings and tele-cons made everything very clear. Sam [Archer] was very approachable, no questions or concerns were too small or insignificant. I would definitely recommended KJS.


Extremely professional and compassionate at the same time while going through a difficult process. Consistently gave sound legal advice and guidance


Sam (Archer) assisted me through my divorce proceedings. She was very professional, thorough and listened to what I wanted. She made potentially a difficult situation seamlessly efficient and hassle free. I would definitely use Sam again.


Needless to say I am thrilled and relieved. Monika was really supportive and so helpful, please thank her for me.


Kerry was very proactive in sorting things out – thank you!


Thank you for dealing efficiently with our requirements.


Sam made a personal effort to get everything sorted out.


I have found Kerry Smith and her team, compassionate understanding and focussed on achieving the best possible outcome for myself and my child. Dealing with a bitter custody dispute is never easy and I felt as if I have a trusted confidant helping and guiding me through what can be a very stressful situation. We have always discussed the options and possible outcomes and always decided on the best course of action focussing on the needs and feelings of my son. As a single father I would have no issues personally recommending KJ Smith to any mum or dad wanting the best for their child.


I found that on every phone call, everyone was helpful.


I am very grateful to everyone at K J Smith for their hard work and good natured support during a challenging time.

Mrs D, Henley on Thames

My time scale was very short to respond to a Non Molestation Order and their assistance was 1st Class.

Mrs Carole Sherwood, Guildford

Very helpful, friendly and well explained. Would definitely recommended your services to anyone else.

Mr B, Reading

Everything was completed in a timely manner and all staff were pleasant and helpful. Everything was explained clearly and costs were discussed in detail so there were no surprises.

Mrs C, Wokingham

Thank you for your useful and clear advice during a difficult and sensitive time.

Mrs S, Woodley

It was a very difficult decision to have to make but due to the loss of my husband, I had to put my children first. Your staff were kind, understanding and guided me through a difficult time.

Ms L, Woodley

We were very pleased with the level of service we had.


Very friendly and professional service.


I had discussions with several other solicitors before talking with K J Smith. From the outset, K J Smith gave me by far the most confident and positive feeling. I was not disappointed.

Mr S, London

Dear Samantha (Archer), I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for your assistance in my matter. The process was understood throughout due to your clarity and patience and your over-and-above help was invaluable during what was an overwhelmingly distressing time. To Kerry (Smith), thank you for your calm expertise in getting me through this with your wonderful team.

Mrs K, Woodley

Very good service with a friendly and professional approach.

Mr B, Didcot

I am very grateful for the time taken with me so I fully understood each stage, it made a difficult situation go as smoothly as possible.

Mrs E Bird, Caversham

Efficient and professional service with good communication throughout the whole process

Mr S, Sandhurst

You [K J Smith Solicitors Private Client team] were very patient throughout the whole process. We took a long time to respond and check the details at various stages…. but you remained friendly and polite.

Mr V, Reading

Very helpful, prompt and good communication. Good, professional service.

Mr Rook, Woodley

All the team at K J Smith in Henley were very professional, friendly and helpful. My Solicitor, Samantha Archer, was understanding, calm and approachable. She was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough, providing me with outstanding advice and support through the most stressful time of my life. Thanks so much for your advice, patience and compassion during my lengthy divorce. I will not hesitate in recommending you in the future


5 Stars for service provided, 5 Stars for friendly staff, 5 Stars for clean and tidy offices and waiting area

Miss Lauren Smith, Essex

Appreciated face to face appointments being available at short notice. Really lovely offices! Friendly and knowledgeable solicitor dealing with our matter.

Mrs S and Mr R Russell, Reading

Excellent service, highly recommended.

Mrs Dorothy Eyre, Nottingham

K J Smith were excellent throughout my case from the first phone call to the end. They were always friendly, helpful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone

Mr M, Reading

K J Smith Solicitors were very friendly and I felt they had my best interests in mind – I had a lot of confidence in the advice they provided me with. I would use them again and strongly recommend their services


The staff were all very friendly during a difficult time for me. My divorce was not always pleasant but the advice and support I received helped me to buy my ex-partner out of my home and ensure my children and I were stable and happy. Thank you to all the Basingstoke team who helped me through this time.

Mrs M, Basingstoke

I had so much to sort out and was full of fear and trepidation. Meeting Jennifer Murray was the first step. She advised me the whole way. It was hard going sometimes but the end result was empowering and a great achievement. Without Jennifer I’m sure my life wouldn’t be as happy as it is now. Thank you.

Mrs L, Hook

I always found my solicitor (Samantha Archer) and all other staff very helpful and approachable. This was very important to me especially at this difficult time in my life.


Very impressed with the service provided by Samantha Archer and Jason Lazard. Courteous, professional and compassionate in handling my divorce.

Mrs C Norris, Reading

We commissioned KJ Smith to act for my daughter through her divorce and found them to be a superb practice. Samantha Archer acted directly for her, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, with a very kind and understanding nature that helped no end through what was a stressful time. We have recently instructed the practice again in a Lasting Power of Attorney matter and are confident it will be dealt with in the same helpful and efficient manner

Mr Norman Staniford

Very quick and professional service. All sorted on time with good explanation

Ms B, Basingstoke

Going through a divorce is never easy but Sara Ismail helped us to clearly mediate, understand the process and help us when asked. I felt secure and confident that Sara had our children and both of our interests in the forefront of her mind and helped us to come to an agreement that was right for the whole family

Ms. A, Crowthorne

A very professional firm. Extremely happy with Karen O’Hara, who dealt with queries and matters with a fast and efficient approach.


Sara is more than just a Solicitor. When I was at an all-time low and ready to give in she was there for me and gave me the confidence to carry on. I’m so pleased she did and can’t thank her (and her team) enough.

Mrs S, Windsor

I was made to feel comfortable and the people I met very quickly inspired confidence that they would act in my interests whilst keeping costs to a minimum. I've been very impressed.

Ms M, Walton-on-Thames

The professional calm attitude of Sara and her colleagues put me at ease during a really stressful time. Once I had decided on a course of action, things ran smoothly. Correspondence and emails were easy to understand.

Ms B - Windsor

Professional and friendly, whilst being down to earth, easy to deal with and effective


The professionalism, advice and support of Kerry and Karen was outstanding. Shortly after engaging with K J Smith, my worry and anxiety was replaced with the comforting feeling of knowing that my case was most certainly in the best possible hands.

Mrs S - Windsor

Sara and the team made things very easy and as painless as possible for me

Mrs A - Reading

Very professional service, I much appreciated the independent advice.


Considering the complications created by my (now) ex - wife in not responding initially to correspondence, the whole matter was handled superbly by the Windsor team with a minimum of delay. Many Thanks!

Mr Allan Glasscock - (France)

I was immediately put at ease by the lovely, friendly staff at the Basingstoke office. You were always at the other end of the phone and happy to explain legal jargon. I was guided through the whole divorce process with compassion. it couldn't have gone more smoothly and I will be recommending you without hesitation. Thank you so much.

Mrs B

I felt thay my opinion and needs were at the forefront of the team's minds.

Mr. R - Basingstoke

Overall I found staff very approachable and easy to understand. A much quicker service and communication than any previous solicitor experience I have ever had.

Mrs G - Goring on Thames

I received an excellent service at all times, sensitively handled appropriate to my situation and very much appreciated.

William Fell

Due to the nature of my situation and my lack of knowledge when it came to family law, I found the firm were very helpful and approachable. Catherine Silwal and the team in London made me feel very relaxed and at ease knowing I could trust them to get things right.

Stephen Hopkins

Hi Sam, just wanted to say a very big thank you for everything you've done you really have been fantastic ! Please pass on my thanks to Kerry and everyone who's assisted with any luck you won't hear from me again fingers crossed ! Thanks again.

J Palmer

Thank you Samantha so much - so happy and so grateful for all your help and support - I really have appreciated your advice and patience over such a long period of time - many, many thanks again.

Jo Webb - Reading

I want to say a huge thank you to you for all your help (and putting up with me blubbering in your office!), you made what has been an incredibly difficult time that much easier. I will not hesitate in recommending you to people.

Sarah - Henley on Thames

your staff were extremely friendly and efficient


Sandra Marshall acted very professionally given the circumstances. My use of the firm’s services were limited due to how much my ex-wife and I wanted to involve solicitors in our divorce proceedings, but nevertheless, Sandra understood and was more than knowledgeable and helpful when required.


A personal and professional service which made a stressful time so much easier to deal with. A huge thank you to all the staff at KJ Smith for all the patience, support, work and time involved during my lengthy divorce and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Mr P Kirk

Friendly and professional at all times set within a nice environment.


I would just to thank you all for making this difficult situation easy for me! I wish you all the best in the future! And I hope I won’t need another divorce lawyer in the future but if I do it will be your firm!!

Mrs Katie V - London

My case was handled very efficiently and all the staff were warm and friendly. I had no doubt that they would handle my case with the upmost confidentiality and arrive at an outstanding conclusion.

Mrs Deborah Worley - Uxbridge

All your services were very good

Mr R - Reading

Your service was very efficient and friendly and made me feel very relaxed

Mr B - Reading

KJ Smith Solicitors handled matters in a very considerate and professional way. I felt they genuinely cared about me as a person, not just a client. They are a small team, and communication between them is excellent, whenever I called the person on the end of the phone knew who I was and what was happening in my case. …..something you wouldn’t get with a big firm.

Mrs H - Woodcote

It was a delight to be taken care of with full respect by someone who understood the delicacy of the situation. I was nervous but with K J Smith staff I was made calm and all was resolved perfectly.


All very painless and professional given the circumstances.

Mrs P - Sonning Common

Excellent, friendly, professional service. Would definitely use you again

Mr Peter Moody - Henley on Thames

All my dealings with K J Smith have been positive. You offer a relaxed and friendly yet highly professional service.

Mr GP Henley on Thames

Excellent, friendly and very professional service, thank you

Mr. Jack Ogden

The firm were marvellous from start to finish. I can’t thank you all enough for your care and support.

DP London

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I am now in a much better place. Best wishes.

KV Eire

Grateful for all your help

Mrs S. - Henley on Thames

You were all extremely patient with me as I took a very long time to reach any conclusion. Thank you! Would definitely recommend.

Mrs P Fleet, Hampshire

I don’t think it is possible to tell you how grateful I am. You were a calming influence throughout.


Kerry did an excellent job. Thanks!


I would and indeed have recommended the firm to my friends.


I cannot begin to thank you enough for all your help and guidance over the last 18 months. Without your support and understanding I would not be in the place I am today.


Thank you all for your support, patience and understanding during a difficult time.


Thank you for all your support and kindness.


The staff at K J Smith are outstanding; approachable and friendly yet still very professional.


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