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Collaborative Law

At K J Smith Solicitors we are experienced in handling a variety of Collaborative Law cases ranging from the simple through to the highly complicated.

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative Law is a relatively new and innovative procedure which is designed to help resolve family problems in a non-confrontational way. When used appropriately a collaborative process can bring simple and effective results, especially in the resolution of issues relating to children or financial matters.

How does collaborative law work?

My case was handled very efficiently and all the staff were warm and friendly. I had no doubt that they would handle my case with the upmost confidentiality.

Each person is required to have a legal advisor present throughout the process and at all meetings to document the progress. Both parties and their collaborative lawyers then sign an agreement promising to attempt to resolve matters without going to Court.

Although it can be an effective way of reaching an agreement, the collaborative process will not be suitable for everyone. It requires a degree of goodwill and cooperation from both parties and a mutual commitment to resolve issues.

Benefits of collaborative law

There are many benefits of collaborative law when compared to traditional divorce or separation proceedings such as a great control over the outcome the proceedings. Other benefits of the collaborative law process include:

  • Faster and more effective communication between both parties.
  • Greater privacy through private sessions between both parties and their solicitors.
  • Help from your lawyers during negotiations.
  • Avoiding court proceedings.

When both parties and their solicitors are able to sit down together and negotiate terms, the process is able to progress much faster and more efficiently making a collaborative divorce an more stress-free option.

What is the difference between collaborative law & mediation?

Family mediation involves 3 people, the two parties and a neutral family law solicitor. During this process the mediator isn’t there to provide advice to you or your ex-partner but rather to simply oversee the conversation and to aid a negotiation in order to encourage a more amicable conclusion.

In contrast, the collaborative law process involves 4 people; you, your solicitor, your ex-partner, and their solicitor. In the collaborative process, you each have a solicitor representing you who can provide advice to ensure that any offer being proposed is fair and reasonable for both parties involved.

Resolve your divorce or separation collaboratively

Our specialist family and collaborative law solicitors are committed to resolving matters amicably with an understanding and empathetic approach to, what are often, very sensitive and stressful matters.

If you wish to resolve your divorce or separation through the collaborative process, get in touch with our team today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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We offer a free initial 45 minute consultation to give you the opportunity to meet our Collaborative lawyers and find out more before deciding if you wish to proceed in instructing us to act on your behalf.

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