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Our Family Law Services

Our approach is to work with you to fully understand your circumstances and the options available to you in order to find a practical solution. We are a down-to-earth and approachable family law firm who will offer constant help and support throughout.

We understand the stress and heartache that can occur in family matters, which is why we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to deliver the best possible outcome. Our service is both personal and discreet. Our aim is to offer the care and advice you need so you don't feel alone during this difficult time.

If you require any specialist family law advice, we can advise on the following areas:

Traditional Divorce

Our expert family law lawyers can assist you in the difficult time during a divorce; we aim to work quickly in order to find an effective solution that will minimise stress during this time. We will give you all the advice and guidance you require, tailoring our service around you.

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Finances and Divorce

In the event that your marriage or civil partnership has come to an end, we can offer you valuable family law advice regarding your finances that not only has an impact of both parties but also any children that may be involved. We ensure you receive proper help and advice to reach a financial settlement that will benefit both couples and families.

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Children and Residency

As a specialist family law firm, our team are highly experienced in all children matters, regardless of whether they’re straight forward or require extra attention, without compromising on care and sensitivity. If you’re in a difficult situation that includes your children we can help to resolve these issues and aim for an amicable outcome that will benefit both parties.

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Deeds of Separation

We can give you valuable family law advice with regards to Separation Deeds, if you and your partner have come to the difficult decision to divorce but are not yet ready to begin divorce proceedings, this process outlines important details, financial arrangements and any other relevant information which can be used as the basis of any Court Order, should you choose to file for a divorce in the future.

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Collaborative Law

For those who are experiencing a breakdown of a relationship, the Collaborative Law process can be a safe and calm environment for parties to discuss negotiations without hostility with the aim of coming to an amicable outcome that suits all those involved. Our family law lawyers can assist you throughout this process and help identify key issues that can be resolved to help all parties move forward.

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Family Mediation

Family Mediation can be an effective process to help couples who wish to discuss important issues that include themselves and children in a safe and amicable environment. This involves working with our expert team of family law lawyers who are here to listen to both parties and to help find a way forward that will benefit all those involved in the process.

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Prenuptial Agreements

For couples who wish to protect certain assets and financial details, a Prenuptial Agreement can outline these decisions beforehand, should a relationship come to an end. Although Prenuptial Agreements are not legally binding they can be recognised in court. As a specialist family law firm, we can assist you through this process and ensure both parties understand and agree on the decisions being made within the Prenuptial Agreement.

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Cohabitation Agreements

Our family law firm are experienced in preparing Cohabitation Agreements for unmarried couples who wish to protect themselves when making the decision to live together. Having a Cohabitation Agreement in place can help families and couples in future events should the relationship end, this agreement can put arrangements in place in terms of assets, financial support and the care of any children involved.

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Cohabitation Disputes

Cohabitation Disputes occur when unmarried couples who live together, decide to end the relationship and do not have a Cohabitation Agreement in place. This can cause stress and issues when it comes to dividing assets and financial ownership. We can provide you with essential family law advice during a Cohabitation Dispute and guide you through the legal steps available.

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Civil Partnerships

For same-sex couples a Civil Partnership will give you the same legal rights as married couples. This will grant you the right to apply for financial provision should your relationship breakdown. Our expert team can assist you through the process for the dissolution of a Civil Partnership, in which we will give you all the help and advice you require for a smooth and stress-free resolution.

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Domestic Violence

For those who are affected by Domestic Violence, whether that be physical, emotional, sexual or financial, our friendly and professional team of family law lawyers can act on your behalf and help you with all matters related to this issue.

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Change of Name Deeds

If you have made the decision to change, add or rearrange your forename or surname, you will require a Change of Name Deeds. Our helpful team can help you with the process of changing these details and provide you with important advice on what actions to take next, once this change has been made.

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Grandparent’s Rights

We offer helpful and expert family law advice for grandparents who have been affected by a divorce or separation within the family which has affected the relationship with their grandchildren. It may be a case of not being able to spend time together or grandparents are concerned for their grandchildren’s welfare. We provide you with the guidance you need in order to resolve a specific issue or reach an agreement with or without court action.

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Our Private Client Services

Our private client services ensure that families and individuals receive the proper help they need, away from the legal jargon and with a team of professionals who take care of their clients.

K J Smith Solicitors can assist you with a number of private client services for those who are looking to make a will, set up a Trust, create a Declaration of Trust (Trust Deed) or need help with Probate.

Our private client team can also act on your behalf through our Lasting Powers of Attorney service and for relatives or friends close to you who do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney and are unable to manage financial affairs etc. we can help you with Deputyship Applications where you can apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order.

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Our Employment and Agency Services

Our employment and agency services aim to give professional advice to employers, employees and agents looking for guidance and advice from an expert team of solicitors.

Our employment and agency services include Settlement agreements for employees who require professional advice on negotiating a better settlement. We also offer services for agencies, should you choose to have a solicitor act as an agent on your behalf. Our solicitors can also assist you with a number of applications that involve finances such as First Appointments, FDRs and applications for the recovery of children.

For further expert advice on divorce and family law, wills, trusts and probate, powers of attorney and deputyship applications, please contact our team today to arrange a free initial consultation to see how we can help you?

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For further expert advice on divorce and family law, wills, trusts and probate, powers of attorney and deputyship applications why not contact our team today to arrange a free initial consultation to see how we can help you?

Please contact our family law solicitors today on 01491 630000 (Henley on Thames), 020 7070 0330 (London), 0118 418 1000 (Reading), 01753 325000 (Windsor), 01256 584000 (Basingstoke), 01483 370100 (Guildford) or 01494 629000 (Beaconsfield) or e mail info@kjsmith.co.uk. We offer a free initial appointment to give you the opportunity to meet us, before deciding if you wish to proceed in instructing us to act on your behalf.

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