New research reveals the strain social media is putting on relationships

Published: 6th May 2015

The use of social media has grown in popularity over the past decade, with over 556 million people using Facebook on a daily basis and even more using various other social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. The majority of us will have used at least one of these different platforms in recent years as a way of interacting with friends and family, but a new survey has revealed the true impact social media can have on relationships and divorce.

According to the survey, 50% all adults questioned admitted to checking their partner’s accounts on social media, with 20% having argued with their partner over what was discovered. This has also caused 14% to consider getting a divorce due to the activities of their partner on social media.

The various reasons behind looking at a partner’s social media accounts ranged from wanting to know who they were talking to, what they were doing, who they were with, and to check their partners were being honest with them about who they socialise with. 14% of these people admitted to having looked with the intent of specifically finding evidence that proved there was infidelity.

A large number of people were found guilty of using social media to keep in touch with an ex-partner, including sending private messages and inappropriate pictures. 5% complained that they felt insecure because their partner didn't post enough photos of them together on social media. 15% of people thought that the use of social media could potentially damage a marriage, with Facebook being regarded as the most dangerous of social media sites when it comes to relationships.

Social media has many good uses and has become an integral part of everyday life for many people both personally and professionally. Many people will praise the rise of social media as it has helped many keep in touch with distant friends or relatives and even helped make new friends.

A decade ago, the use of Facebook and other social media websites weren't an issue in the context of marriage, however the use of social media has become so integrated into our lives that it is becoming common place for separating couples to cite something they found on social media as the reason for their divorce.

We previously covered a similar topic in a previous blog post about social media and the way it is now being used to help with court proceedings and legal disputes. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were used to uncover hidden assets, where the Magistrates can give permission to social media sites to disclose any private information. This has even lead to some people going to such lengths as hiding assets in the form of an online currency known as Bitcoin; which does have its tax implications but some people would rather be paying penalties and fines than giving up assets to their ex-partners.

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