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Couples should be allowed to apply for ‘no fault divorce’, says Conservative MP

Published: 23rd October 2015

A conservative MP has proposed a new No Fault Divorce Bill that would allow separating couples to divorce without the need of blame to be assigned to either party. Richard Bacon MP, believes that it could work by allowing couples to sign a declaration which states that there is no direct fault for the break up and that the marriage has 'irretrievably' broken down.

Civil Partnerships for Heterosexual Couples set to be discussed in Parliament

Published: 20th October 2015

Tory MP Tim Loughton plans to introduce a new bill which will be debated in Parliament on Wednesday that will propose changes to the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to remove the term 'same-sex' from current legislation, making civil partnerships available for heterosexual couples for the first time.

Innocent Guildford couple 'unlikely to see their child again'

Published: 13th October 2015

A couple from Guildford who were wrongly accused of abuse have been told they are 'unlikely to see their child again' despite new evidence clearing them of any wrong doing.

Loss of privacy is forcing high net worth couples into negotiated divorce settlements

Published: 8th October 2015

High net worth and celebrity couples are now opting for negotiated divorce settlements to avoid going to court for fear of losing their privacy, with many high profile divorce cases being reported in the press and sensitive information like personal details, financial arrangements and the division of assets being revealed to the public.

MoJ Legal Aid Statistics Highlight a 33 Percent Increase in Mediation Starts

Published: 29th September 2015

The Legal Aid in England and Wales statistical bulletin for April - June 2015 has highlighted an increase in mediation starts over the last quarter of 33%, compared to the same period in 2014.

New Research Favours Unbundling of Family Law Services to Better Serve Consumers

Published: 22nd September 2015

New research has highlighted that legal professionals and consumers believe unbundling family law services would better serve consumers as an alternative to full-service legal representation.

Cuts to legal aid is putting pressure on charities as applications for legal assistance have almost doubled in the past 3 years

Published: 15th September 2015

Charities such as the Bar Pro Bono Unit are facing mounting pressure from people who need legal assistance, with the number of applications almost doubling over the past three years, due to widespread legal aid cuts in England and Wales.

New 'no fault divorce' study due to start in October 2015

Published: 8th September 2015

A new study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, is due to commence in October 2015 and will explore the concept of fault in the divorce system and whether a 'no fault' divorce system could work in England and Wales.

Businessman wins legal battle with ex-wife over £20 million classic car collection

Published: 2nd September 2015

A Judge from the Family Division of the High Court in London has dismissed an estranged ex-wife's claim for a share of her ex-husbands classic car collection, worth over £20 million.

Courts see steep rise in grandparents applying for parental responsibility

Published: 25th August 2015

The courts have reported a significant rise in the number of grandparents applying for Special Guardianship Orders to assume parental responsibility for their grandchildren, which has seen an increase of almost 50% in the last four years.

Law Society calls for better enforcement of financial orders without jailing debtors

Published: 19th August 2015

The Law Society are calling for better enforcement of family financial orders but have opposed plans by the Law Commission to introduce punishments for debtors, such as curfews, driving disqualifications, bans on leaving the country and even imprisonment.

More couples seeking divorce are using family mediation, as calls to helpline double in past year

Published: 11th August 2015

A nationwide provider of family mediation services in England and Wales have revealed that their mediation helpline has seen the number of calls double in the past year, highlighting that more divorcing couples are opting for family mediation to settle their differences, rather than going to court.

Affairs with same-sex partners is not classed as adultery, according to UK Law

Published: 5th August 2015

A women who was married to her partner for 20 years before discovering he was involved with numerous different same-sex partners has been told that she can't divorce on the grounds of adultery, as UK law states that adultery only applies when it involves intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

More wives are wanting their divorces settled in the South in the hope of larger payouts

Published: 28th July 2015

Family law firms across the country are reporting an upward trend of wives wanting their divorce cases settled in London in the hope of receiving a larger payout, creating a North-South divide in how divorce cases are settled by the courts.

‘Delboy’ millionaire loses £900,000 divorce battle

Published: 20th July 2015

Millionaire Michael Harris, who refers to himself as ‘Delboy’, has lost abattle against his ex-wife Linda Capehorn relating to property worth £900,000.

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