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K J Smith Solicitors unveiled as sponsor of new Woodley Town FC kit

Published: 18th August 2014

New Woodley FC KitWoodley Town FC is delighted to announce that K J Smith Solicitors will remain as shirt sponsor for the club as they unveiled their new home kit for season 14/15.

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The last series of changes to the Child Maintenance Service comes into effect

Published: 12th August 2014

The government have launched the last series of changes to the new Child Maintenance Service, which came into effect on Monday 11th August

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Family Lawyers Could Face £100 Million Drop in Legal Aid Income

Published: 8th August 2014

High street firms that handle legal aid-funded family law cases could face a serious shortfall of legal aid fees. Mediation experts have estimated that they could soon see a drastic shortfall in legal aid fees year-on-year. Compared to the same time in 2012/2013, before the cuts, this could be up to £109 million.

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Staff from K J Smith Solicitors complete Charity Sky Dive for Daisy's Dream

Published: 5th August 2014

We are delighted to congratulate three members of our team for completing a sky dive from 10,000 feet for our chosen charity, Daisy's Dream.

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Thousands of domestic abusers avoid criminal record by apologising

Published: 28th July 2014

New figures have revealed that thousands of domestic abusers have managed to avoid a criminal record after committing acts of domestic violence. This has been achieved simply by agreeing to apologise.

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One in Five Social Workers Unware of April Changes to Children and Families Act

Published: 24th July 2014

Four months after the Children and Families Act was passed, nearly 20% of social workers remain unaware of the changes. This somewhat surprising figure was revealed in recent report published by the Victoria Climbié Foundation (VCF).

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K J Smith launch £3K Cash for Community Football Competition - register now

Published: 21st July 2014

Click Cash for Community Football to register and enter.  Competition runs from 1st Dec 2014 to 31st August 2015. Closing date for entry 30th November 2014.

K J Smith Solicitors, are the main sponsor of Woodley Town FC and are committed to investing in football in the Woodley community.

As part of this commitment, the firm have come up with an innovative way to allow people to raise money for Woodley Town, Woodley Hammers, Woodley Zebras and Woodley United. 

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You have the kids, I'll keep the dog

Published: 17th July 2014

Most people's view of family law disputes in the event of separation revolve around two issues: division of assets and custody of children. However, there is a third issue that can be very complex in many cases, and this is custody of pets.

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K J Smith Solicitors raise £808 for Daisy’s Dream

Published: 10th July 2014

K J Smith Solicitors took part in the June 2014 Woodley Carnival, raising money for our nominated charity Daisy's Dream.

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Staff from K J Smith Solicitors Sky Diving for Daisy's Dream - please sponsor!

Published: 10th July 2014

On 27th July 2014, Melissa Arnold, Marc Carmel and Natalie Britton will be doing a sky dive from 10,000 feet at Swindon Airfield, Wanborough Road, each hoping to raise £395 for Daisy's Dream

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Crime Prosecution Service reports record levels of domestic abuse

Published: 8th July 2014

The Crime Prosecution Service have revealed that domestic abuse cases now account for more than 10% of their work load, which is an increase of 8.9% from last year - and at an all-time high.

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Civil Partnership Conversion to take place in December

Published: 2nd July 2014

The Government announced last week that they have finally set a date for the conversion of civil partnerships to same-sex marriages, which will happen on 10th December 2014.

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Thousands of successive children in care cases removed by the family courts

Published: 24th June 2014

A new study conducted by the Universities of Manchester and Brunel has shed light on family court records, highlighting that 22,790 children were taken away from parents who were involved in repeat care cases.

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Longest Family Court Case in History Comes to an End

Published: 18th June 2014

A case involving a teenage girl who has been refusing to see her father has finally concluded following 13 years of court hearings, making it the longest case ever seen within the family division of the High Court - at a cost of £1 million to taxpayers.

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New forced marriage legislation comes into effect

Published: 16th June 2014

New laws criminalising forced marriage in England and Wales have come into effect today, carrying a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison.

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Come and visit us at the Woodley Carnival on Saturday 14th June

Published: 12th June 2014

The team from K J Smith's will be at Saturday's Woodley Carnival so do pop by and say hello

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K J Smith Solicitors to open new office in Basingstoke

Published: 12th June 2014

We are delighted to announce that we are planning to open a new office in Basingstoke in September 2014. 

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Suzanne Foster to join K J Smith to head up new Basingstoke Office

Published: 12th June 2014

We are delighted to announce that Suzanne Foster is joining us on 26th August as our Senior Solicitor heading up our new Basingstoke Office.

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Social media used as evidence in divorce proceedings to track hidden assets

Published: 10th June 2014

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are being used by solicitors to uncover hidden assets during divorce proceedings. Magistrates can now grant permission for social media sites to be used to disclosure private information without the defendants knowledge, in order to assess whether a person has lied about their personal wealth.

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Legal Aid Cuts are Penalising Parents and Children in the Family Courts

Published: 4th June 2014

Magistrates in the family courts have warned that legal aid cuts are penalising low income and single parent families - creating an unfair two-tier system of those that can afford legal representation and those who cannot.

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Parents are told to agree to the new child maintenance arrangements or face additional fees

Published: 29th May 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions will be issuing letters to more than 50,000 parents across the UK who manage their child maintenance payments through the previous Child Support Agency (CSA) system - and are being told that if they use the new system and fail to reach an amicable solution then they will face additional fees.

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The Children Society's report highlights problem debt is putting stress on children and families

Published: 19th May 2014

A report from The Children's Society and Charity StepChange has highlighted that problem debt is putting a huge amount of strain on families and children, trapping them in an endless spiral of borrowing and leaving them in financial hardship.

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Reported rise in couples wanting pre-nuptial agreements

Published: 13th May 2014

Family law firms and divorce solicitors across the country have reported a rise in the number of couples requesting pre-nuptial agreements following signs that they could soon become legally binding in the UK.

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New Child Maintenance Online Tool Kit Released

Published: 7th May 2014

A new child maintenance tool kit has been released online by the Department of Work and Pensions to provide organisations and child maintenance clients with the latest information about changes to child maintenance and to aid the phasing out of the old Child Support Agency (CSA) system.

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New research finds children living with step-parents are just as happy as those living with biological parents

Published: 28th April 2014

A recent study, completed by senior researchers at one of Britain's leading social research institutes NatCen, has found that children are 'no less happy' living with a lone parent or step-parents then they are living with both biological parents.

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New family justice reform comes into force

Published: 23rd April 2014

The largest family justice reform of a generation has come into effect, which will see major changes to the family justice system, as well as a new combined Family Court in England and Wales.

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Husband kills wife's pet ram during divorce battle and is ordered to pay £170k a year

Published: 16th April 2014

A high court judge has ordered a wealthy businessman to pay his ex-wife maintenance fees of £170,000 a year after he killed her pet ram at their home in the south of France.

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Resolution allies with credit provider to help couples fund separation

Published: 10th April 2014

National organisation of family lawyers Resolution have revealed that they can now offer unsecured loans to help separating couples fund court cases, due to a new partnership with credit provider Iceberg Client Credit.

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Woodley Town FC announce three year ground share deal with Reading Town FC

Published: 9th April 2014

Several weeks ago it was reported that Woodley Town FC was facing possible demotion from Step 6 of The FA’s National League System with effect from season 2015 – 16, due to the facilities at East Farm Park not meeting the required ground grading standard.

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New law being considered to stop emotional abuse of children

Published: 2nd April 2014

Following a recent campaign by children's charity Action for Children, the government are considering the introduction of new laws to punish parents who emotionally neglect their children.

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Woodley United Girls U18s win County Cup Final

Published: 25th March 2014

Woodley United U18sEveryone at K J Smith Solicitors would like to congratulate Woodley United U18s as they retained the County Cup by beating Wargrave Girls 6-0 in the final on 23rd March 2014.

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Children separated from their families must have access to court records says senior family judge

Published: 24th March 2014

The President of the Family Division and Britain's most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, has called on the family courts and the Court of Protection to allow children who have been separated from their families access to court records, so they understand the reasons behind a judge's decision.

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250,000 more children living with both birth parents

Published: 19th March 2014

Figures released in the latest Family Stability Indicator have revealed that the number of children living with both birth parents had risen by a quarter of a million in 2012 when compared to the previous year.

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'Clare's Law' introduced to help tackle domestic violence

Published: 12th March 2014

A new Domestic Violence Disclosure scheme for England and Wales has come into effect to help tackle domestic violence claims, by allowing people to contact the police to check if their partner has any previous history of domestic abuse.

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Government confirm conversion of civil partnerships to same sex marriages will take place by the end of the year

Published: 4th March 2014

Same-sex couples who are in civil partnerships received a huge boost last week as plans to be able to convert civil partnerships to same-sex marriages took another step towards a positive conclusion.

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Blended families are now replacing the nuclear family, but it's no bad thing says Supreme Court Judge

Published: 26th February 2014

In a speech to the Medico-Legal Society in Northern Ireland, Supreme Court Judge Lord Wilson has stated that he believes the traditional nuclear family is in decline and that we live in a world where "blended families" are the norm - but thinks this is actually a good thing, as having a wider and more diverse family made up of half-siblings and step-parents may actually provide a more stable and healthier environment for a child.

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Financial worries puts off one in seven people from divorce or separation

Published: 20th February 2014

A new survey has revealed that as many as one in seven people who have gone through a divorce or have ended a long term relationship have admitted that they should have done it sooner, but were concerned about the financial burden that comes following a separation.

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Child maintenance set for changes as new plans sweep through parliament

Published: 11th February 2014

The child maintenance system in the UK is set for changes this week that will see additional fees apply to both parents through the new Child Maintenance Service (CMS), replacing the existing Child Support Agency (CSA). Over the next three years, the government plan to close the current CSA and and replace it with the new CMS, a service for which separated parents will be charged for.

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"Welcome to Windsor" Competition Winners announced

Published: 10th February 2014

We are pleased to announce the 5 lucky winners of our "Welcome to Windsor" competition, each of whom win £100 in John Lewis Vouchers.

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Same sex couple take legal action over refusal to convert civil partnership to same sex marriage

Published: 30th January 2014

A same sex couple have threatened legal action after being told they will have to dissolve their civil partnership before they can get married when the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act comes into force.

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Married Men are 25% more likely to be overweight

Published: 22nd January 2014

A recent study published in the US by the journal 'Families, Systems & Health' has revealed that married men were 25% more likely to be overweight than single men or those in a casual relationship.

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New survey shows a third of separated mothers think fathers shouldn't have a say

Published: 14th January 2014

A new study, conducted by relationship counselling group Relate has highlighted that one in three mothers who have been separated from their partners think that the father shouldn't have any influence on their child's upbringing.

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New research finds British courts give the most generous divorce payouts

Published: 7th January 2014

New research by an international law firm has highlighted that courts in England and Wales give the highest maintenance payouts following a divorce, due to a higher level of freedom allowed to judges in Britain, compared to judges in the US, New Zealand, South Africa and in the rest of Europe.

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K J Smith Solicitors expands into Windsor

Published: 6th January 2014

K J Smith Solicitors, specialists in family law, are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Windsor today.

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Number of Men Seeking Divorce for "Unreasonable Behaviour" Soars

Published: 19th December 2013

A new analysis of divorce figures from the last 40 years has revealed a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking to divorce their wives on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Between 1971 and 2011, the number of such cases increased six fold.

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New Figures Show Increase in Adoption Rates

Published: 13th December 2013

According to figures found in a recent Ofsted report, the number of adoptions between 1st April 2012 and 31st March 2013 stood at 3,782. This was 9.6% higher than the previous year, representing an increase of 332.

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New Windsor Office Opening in Jan 2014

Published: 29th November 2013

K J Smith Solicitors are delighted to announce that we will be opening a new office in Windsor on Monday 6th January 2014.

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Karen O'Hara joins K J Smith Solicitors

Published: 29th November 2013

We are delighted to announce that Karen O'Hara will be joining the firm on 6th Jan 2014 as a Qualified Paralegal, working in our new Windsor Office.

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One In Eight Fathers Have No Contact With Their Children

Published: 26th November 2013

New research from the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has highlighted that one in eight fathers in the UK have no contact with their children following a divorce or separation.

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K J Smith Solicitors Attend Woodley Business Festival

Published: 22nd November 2013

K J Smith Solicitors joined 150 other local businesses at the very first Woodley Festival of Business, celebrating the local business community and bringing directors and entrepreneurs together for an evening of entertainment and business networking.

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Woodley United Unveil New KJS Sponsored Kit

Published: 21st November 2013

The ladies of Woodley United FC unveiled thier new kit sponsored by K J Smith Solicitors as the reserve side won a thrilling county cup quarter-final on penalties against Maidenhead Boys & Girls FC.

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Matrimonial Survey 2013 Highlights A Rise In Self Representation

Published: 20th November 2013

The Matrimonial Survey 2013, which surveys family law experts across the UK has just been released, highlighting the biggest issues in family law over the past 12 months. The survey, published by accountancy firm Grant Thornton, gathers the opinions of 85 top family solicitors in the UK and releases the statistics every year, in the form of their Matrimonial Survey.

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Number of Cohabiting Couples Rises By Over 20%

Published: 13th November 2013

The latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the percentage of unmarried couples living together has increased by 22% over the last 10 years, with three million cohabiting couples now living in the UK.

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Match Day Sponsors for the Henley Hawks against Old Albanian

Published: 9th November 2013

KJS Man of the Match Alex PennyK J Smith Solicitors were Match Day Sponsors for Henley Hawks National Division 1 fixture against Old Albanian on Saturday 9th November. In a game mostly played in driving rain, Hawks lost narrowly 17-10. 

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Over Half of Domestic Violence Victims Unable To Access Legal Aid

Published: 5th November 2013

A recent survey, published by Rights of Women, Women's Aid and Welsh Women's Aid, highlights that victims of domestic violence have not had the support they need from legal aid, contradicting a pledge from the government that legal aid would be available to those who need it.

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50% of infants will see their parents separate by the time they are 15

Published: 25th October 2013

New research published by the Marriage Foundation predicts that almost half of today's children will experience a family breakdown by the time they reach their mid-teens.

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K J Smith Solicitors announced as new shirt sponsor for Woodley Town FC

Published: 22nd October 2013

Woodley Town FC and their new shirt sponsor K J Smith SolicitorsWoodley Town FC is delighted to announce that K J Smith Solicitors are the new shirt sponsor for the Town’s 1st team.  In addition, the firm are the new shirt sponsor for the Town’s U16 and U14 teams as well Woodley United FC Reserves.

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Civil Partnership Dissolutions Increased By 20% In 2012

Published: 17th October 2013

Statistics published by the Office of National Statistics has show an dramatic increase in civil partnership dissolutions in the last few years.

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Research Suggests Divorce Has A Negative Impact On Men's Health

Published: 9th October 2013

Our latest blog looks at the impact divorce can have on men's health both physically and mentally.

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Appeals Process Changed For Benefits and Child Maintenance

Published: 2nd October 2013

The Department for Work and Pensions are making changes to the appeal process for benefits and child maintenance claims.

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Domestic Violence Claims Rise Following England World Cup Football Matches

Published: 30th September 2013

A recent study links a rise in domestic violence claims with England World Cup football matches.

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Bedroom Tax Leaves A Third Of Council Tenants In Arrears

Published: 25th September 2013

New research carried out by government cuts campaign group False Economy suggests that one in three council house tenants have been left in arrears by the controversial 'Bedroom Tax' law, affecting around 50,000 council tenants.

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Cohabiting Couples Need Protection From 'Common Law Marriage' Myth

Published: 19th September 2013

A survey by Resolution indicated that a large number of people still believe that 'Common Law Marriage' exists, highlighting that more should be done to protect cohabitants rights.

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Additional Childcare Offered To Low Income Families

Published: 9th September 2013

The government reveal plans to increase childcare for low income families.

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UK Research Shows Women Are Much Happier Following A Divorce

Published: 5th September 2013

A recent study shows that women are much happier following a divorce when compared to men.

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Madeleine Young joining K J Smith Solicitors

Published: 3rd September 2013

We are delighted to announce that Madeleine Young will be joining the firm from 1st October 2013.

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New Tax Cuts Announced For Families Staying Together

Published: 2nd September 2013

New government plans have been announced to reduce unfair council tax surcharges on family home improvements and family annexes.

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Does Domestic Violence Encourage Aggressive Behaviour in Children?

Published: 21st August 2013

New research carried out by the Mandel School of Applied Science suggests that the exposure to violence alone can have severe long term effects on a child's behaviour.

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Family Mediators Encouraged To Lead The Way

Published: 15th August 2013

Family mediators are being encouraged to lead the way in trying to promote out of court settlements following a new law which is being passed by Parliament.

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New Child Maintenance Service Comes into Effect

Published: 6th August 2013

The government have introduced a new Child Maintenance Service which came into effect on 29th July 2013.

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K J Smith supports Henley Hawks Rugby Club

Published: 2nd August 2013

K J Smith are delighted to announce their continued support for Henley Hawks through matchday program sponsorship and advertising

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Mayor Bill Soane Opens new office in Woodley

Published: 12th July 2013

Mayor Bill Soane opened K J Smith Solicitors new office in Woodley on Thursday 13th June.

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K J Smith Solicitors raises £525 for Daisy's Dream

Published: 12th July 2013

Daisys DreamK J Smith Solicitors raised £525 for local charity Daisy's Dream.

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K J Smith Solicitors extends opening hours

Published: 12th July 2013

K J Smith Solicitors today has announced it is extending its opening hours at Henley on Thames and Woodley.

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K J Smith Solicitors announces winners of Name the Bear

Published: 12th July 2013

Casey Frith (aged 5) of Beechwood School and Isabella and Connor (twins aged 22 months) were winners of the Name a Bear competition.

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Could Collaborative Law Help You Keep In Control Of Your Divorce?

Published: 6th June 2013

Family law has in recent times seen a new process known as collaborative law becoming increasingly popular as a way of dealing with family disputes. The aim of collaborative law is to resolve family disputes without going to court.

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Cohabitation Agreements – Protecting Yourself As An Unmarried Couple

Published: 23rd May 2013

Recent figures now show that that a third of today's teenagers are destined to cohabit rather than marry, compared with one in 10 of their grandparents. The number of cohabiting couples has increased by 65% in a decade and by 2014, married couples could account for less than half of British families.

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How Can Injunctions Under The Family Law Act 1996 Protect You?

Published: 30th April 2013

The national press has, in recent times, seen pages filed with references to so-called 'super-injunctions'. These orders were initially used to prevent the press from publishing details about certain individuals and businesses in a variety of legal cases.

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Divorce And Separation - Is Mediation A Better Option Than The Courts?

Published: 18th April 2013

Divorce and separation usually involves an emotional journey as well as a legal one. This can be a painful time. Emotions may run high and you may not feel as able to cope with stressful situations as usual. It's important that you give careful thought as to how you want to deal with issues that arise from the new situation you’re in.

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Pre-Nups Carry Weight But Will They Become Legally Binding?

Published: 4th April 2013

Crucial legal advice will become out of reach for many people following the government’s decision to withdraw the availability of legal aid from family work in all but limited circumstances.

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What Rights Do Grandparents Have To See Grandchildren When Parents Split Up?

Published: 12th March 2013

When couples with children end a relationship, one of the biggest issues they have to deal with is to work out the arrangements for children. Parents often struggle to agree on fundamental questions like where the children should live and how much contact each parent should have with the children.

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What Impact Does The New "Bedroom" Tax Have On Separated Couples with children?

Published: 15th January 2013

Protests continue over the government's controversial changes to the Housing Benefit rules, the so-called 'bedroom tax', which will see the benefit reduced for an estimated 655,000 households living in social housing. Similar rules already exist for families renting in the private sector who claim Local Housing Allowance. 

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Is Christmas A Catalyst For Divorce?

Published: 4th January 2013

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" – or so the song says, but for some families at Christmas, this isn't always the truth. Christmas is the time of year when we usually see our families the most, spending valuable time with our partners and children. For others, Christmas is not such a joyous occasion as it can highlight problems or a fractured relationship, which can lead to conversations about separation.

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